Where is CoolStick Logo now?

CoolSticks are in the hands of thousands of players around the USA and even foreign countries. And it all started because we wanted the girls to have better equipment to build confidence and game skills.

The 4L pocket has been an overwhelming success for feel, passing, catching, accuracy and overall performance. Our Hybrid Mesh pocket is now available and getting rave reviews and Coach Bob, our CoolStick founder, gives it a slight edge over the 4L.

We have become the “GO TO” stick for so many and once tried players usually order one of our sticks! Even superstitious players, who don’t let anyone touch their stick, have had the new 4L pocket put into their stick after trying a teammates.

After starting with a CoolStick in their youth leagues, players are buying their second and sometimes 3rd and 4th stick from us and are now playing with them in college.



About the founder of CoolStick Logo:

I grew up on Long Island which is an east coast hot bed for Lacrosse. I moved to the Chicago area in 1981 where Lacrosse was in it infancy as it was in most other places around the country except for the east coast. Fast forward to 2004 and my daughter was attending Fenwick High School in Oak Park, IL and they were starting a girls Lacrosse team. I watched their games over the next two years when the coach decided he was not going to coach any more.

Since I grew up in NY and knew more than most about Lacrosse, my daughter and a couple of her friends recruited me to keep the sport going at Fenwick. Now as many of you know, coaching is a full time job that does not begin when the season begins, nor ends when the season ends. Pretty much a year round commitment, but I said yes! In 2005, I began coaching the Fenwick Girls Lacrosse Varsity team, overseeing the entire program. Since Lacrosse was so new and there were no junior programs, every girl entering the program had never played. Stick skills had to be developed and fast to be respectable. This was one of the recurring problems, developing the skills necessary to catch and throw and the equipment did not help. Breaking in a new stick took several weeks if not months until it was just right and felt really good. Until the break in point, passing and catching was an adventure in who was the best ground ball team in the league.

We were pretty good at ground balls but, on the ground is not where the game of Lacrosse should be played. I started to make modifications to all the new sticks loosening up both strings and leathers to give them that broken in feel and maximum legal depth. This definitely helped and I could see the results in passing and catching efficiency. We actually were not the best ground ball team in the league anymore. I then ventured out into restringing the heads to maximize the best attributes of a broken in pocket. These included maximum legal depth, great feel, and specialized sticks for defense and attack. I read and re-read Rule 9 in the Rules Book to insure I was doing everything within the rules of the game. I had some brave players who allowed me to redo their sticks.

The early designs, although legal, were a little rough on the eyes but the Sullivan girls (Margaret, Katherine & Amy) provided valuable feedback which allowed me to improve on the early design. I restrung almost every girls stick in the Fenwick program which was about 65 girls. In 2008, I moved over to Montini Catholic in Lombard, IL and restrung most of the Varsity and JV teams sticks. I am still Coaching today, now at Lyons Township in Lagrange, IL. Staying involved in Coaching keeps us on the cutting edge and we can get immediate feedback on pocket designs. The new Hybrid Mesh pocket went through 5 revisions in 3 weeks (how’s that for fast feedback) before settling on the present design.

We continuously seek feedback from the players using the CoolStick and word continues to spread.

Please read our feedback area for comments from players about their CoolStick.

We offer sticks in 4L and Hybrid Mesh pockets. Both pockets are exceptional for feel, hold, accuracy and great right out of the box! If you just love your old stick, send it to us and we will restring it in any pocket and color available on the web site. If you have an old stick with broken strings, send it to us and we will make it like new in the colors and pocket of your choice.

There are many different heads available in the market. They all must meet Rule 9 specifications to be legal for play. The old adage, you get what you pay for, is certainly true. The lower end models in everybody’s line are made to be inexpensive and let players who may not be serious about long term play, get in and try Lacrosse for little money. However, serious players should buy equipment that they can grow into and makes them a better player. CoolStick’s are for serious players and will help make you a better player.

At CoolStick we are giving you the best stick at a reasonable price. Every stick is made with a custom pre-formed pocket to maximum legal depth and a feel like the old broken in stick that you love. When you add your own distinctive touch in the colors of your choice, it becomes a part of you.

Please take some time to visit our website and look around. From the store you can purchase pre-existing stick creations or come up with your very own CoolStick. If you're not sure what you want yet, print out our form to help you make up your mind for a custom creation.