Care & Maintenance of your CoolStick Logo

Thank you for purchasing a CoolStick Logo

Your stick has been strung with a CoolStick Logo 4L pocket. We use leathers because they "break in" and will provide you with the best feel and accuracy which is second to none.

The pocket is set in our shop to the maximum legal depth. This will allow you to feel the difference right out of the box, you will be catching and throwing the ball and be comfortable with your stick right away.

The preformed pocket will continue to break in and you will eventually have to make an adjustment to bring it back to legal. To adjust untie the 2 center leathers and pull them toward you. This will raise the ball in the pocket. Pull the leathers until the ball is just above the sidewall of the head. The ball needs to rest in the pocket just above the sidewall of the head. See below:

Maintenance Instructions

Yellow ball just above the sidewall of the head

Make sure the 2 leathers are pulled evenly so they are approximately on the same parallel. You do not want one leather pulled tighter then the other. The ball should sit flat, cradled by the leathers. Tie the 2 middle leathers at the base of the head like it was when you took it out of the box.

The 2 outside leathers can now be adjusted in the same manner. Put the ball in the head and pull the outside leathers until they slightly hug the ball then tie these leathers.

Your CoolStick Logo should now be back to legal.

One note about leathers: We find leathers to be the best choice for pockets because they break in so well and provide the best feel, accuracy and overall performance. However there is one negative. On wet days leathers will grow and the pocket may deepen and may make your stick illegal. On wet days check your pocket during your games and adjust if necessary.

Thanks again for purchasing a CoolStick Logo