Love my new pocket so much. The mesh hybrid is great. Thanks so much for the great service and amazing stick. I'll definitely be recommending you to my team!

Katie Fegan, Oak Park River Forest HS Women's JV Head Coach
Bob, thanks for the stick! I brought my stick to practice and players instantly started commenting on the look of the stick. The custom stringing and new Cool Stick composite shaft was a hit with both my players and my fellow coaches. One of my players asked to use the stick for the duration of practice. She loved the lightness of the shaft, and they way the pocket handled shooting, catching and throwing. Thank you for giving my players the advantage.

Elise Wakeland, NXT Sports - Director of Girls' Programs
Upon first seeing the stick, I loved the use of zip ties to keep the end leathers in place, the matching color was pretty awesome! When I played with it at my pickup game, it felt like it was already broken in which is so refreshing. I have always felt strongly about beginners using sticks that are already broken in, so that they are actually able to catch the ball. I have used the Tempest Pro since they came out with it, and this pocket as some advantages and disadvantages in this head. The tempest pro has a very flat scoop, which improves one's ability to pick up a ground ball but makes it a little more difficult to throw and shoot accurately. The two middle leathers and spiral in the very center don't seem to give enough support on the ball to guide it out of the tempest flat scoop. I could certainly see this stringing be great on an NV3, Fierce, or Amonte, but the Tempest requires middle leathers or a gripper/trakker pro to truly guide the ball out of the stick. The sidewall stringing was incredible. Having sidewall string that drops this low and is still legal is amazing in a stick, and right away when playing with it I could tell a difference from the factory strung sticks. It is important on a stick like the Tempest Pro to have side wall stringing that is exactly like this. Overall, it felt good right way because it felt like it was already broken in but I needed middle strings that were more supportive.

Thank you again for sending the stick. We play with it all the time in the office.

Aniket Shah, New Jersey
As soon as I saw the Coolstick package on my front door I was overjoyed. I opened the package and right away went in my back yard and threw around with it a little. I go to a prep school and one stick was strung in my school colors to show my spirit for my team, everybody on my team is jealous of me and wants their sticks to be strung just like it too. I occasionally take face-offs, I love the stick, has excellent hold as well as amazing shot speed. Amazing for all positions, the shooting attackman, face-off middie, or punishing defenseman. I recommend Cool Stick to string all your sticks whether you are a boy or a girl.

Adam Washington, Naperville Central HS Women's Head Coach
All of the girls in my program want a Cool Stick. They love the way it looks and can't get over how much better they are at catching and throwing. The pocket comes broken in and it's very easy to adjust.

Kim Langner, Parent of Lake Shore Lacrosse Player
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter ordered a new stick from the new custom stick website on your web page, CoolStick, and she's thrilled with the work he did.  The website still needs some tweaking so I called him directly for help in selecting string colors.  He returned my calls promptly, he talked directly with Rachel with regards to color combinations, he even offered to fix Rachel's old stick head free of charge.  I ordered her stick on Monday, it arrived Saturday afternoon via Fed Ex, and it's beautiful.  Just thought I would let you know of my experience with this vendor since he's so new on your website.

Christie Hillsman, Fenwick High School Midfielder
I've had my Cool Stick for about a year and absolutely love it! I've gotten countless compliments on my lime green and blue strings, but the awesome color-scheme doesn't even begin to cover the reasons why I love my stick. The custom stringing gives me a much more controlled feel for my cradling, and my pass has gotten much stronger, sharper, and more accurate. My stick has helped me take my game to a new level.

Caroline Gully, North Central College Midfielder (Naperville, IL)

Hi Mr. Regan,

I've been playing with the great stick you gave me during NCC's preseason practices. I figured I would need to shoot around and break in this stick before I emailed you with my opinion of the stick, but like you said, the way the stick is strung makes it so that its pretty much broken in the first time you pick it up. The thing that I'm the most impressed with is the consistency of the stick's release when I'm passing or shooting. You know how sometimes the ball just comes out of a stick the wrong way, or the ball sticks in the corner? That never happens with this stick. It lets off an accurate, crisp pass every time.

When i first started playing around with this new stick, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to get my favorite side arm shot off (I think that I was just used to playing with the NV3/Amonte head which has that angle at the top) but I easily got the hang of it after some quick adjustments, and I even think that I'm able to get a more accurate shot off with the head you strung. The ball really sits in that part of the pocket under the shooting V until I flick my wrist at the end, unlike my NV3 head where it rolls out of the top and then hits plastic. I think that the twisting technique you did in the middle really allows for a better give. The only thing I've really had trouble with is adjusting when I decide to switch from one stick to the other during practices.

I've also had beginners use the stick, and they said that they felt like they had more control over where the ball was going with the stick you gave me. The one thing that the beginners said they felt uncomfortable with was the length of the stick. These girls were a little on the short side, but they said they still felt like the ball was too far above their heads and that they were unable to bring it down without sliding their bottom hand higher on the stick, exposing the butt end to possible stick checks. Is the shaft on this stick longer than average?

I'm sorry if my descriptions don't really make sense! This stuff is harder to describe than I thought it would be! Thank you so much for this great stick! Since I'm new on the team at NCC it was nice to come back from break with a stick that matched all the veterans! I really hope my feedback helps. Thanks so much again.

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