Care & Maintenance

Thank you for purchasing a CoolStick!

Breaking in the Hybrid Mesh Pocket: This pocket will break in very quickly. Over the first 6 weeks of regular play you will need to adjust the pocket almost daily to keep it legal. After the 6 week break in period the Hybrid Mesh pocket will need to be adjusted but not frequently. You may have to adjust your Hybrid Mesh pocket 2-3 times during the season, but it should hold well. To adjust the Hybrid Mesh Pocket use the anchor string at the base of the ball stop. Untie the string, pull to make pocket more shallow Check the ball in the pocket then retie the anchor string.

The Balls Eye pocket is our newest and allows the ball to sit in the sweet spot of the stick. The ball sits just under the lower shooter. This pocket has superior catching ability, exceptional control, hold and accuracy plus all the benefits of the 7D. There is no ball rattle or drift as it travels between the leathers. You adjust the Balls Eye the same as the Hybrid Mesh pocket. We believe the Balls Eye will become the go to design.

The CoolStick 4L pocket. We use leathers because they "break in" and will provide you with the best feel and accuracy; which is second to none. The pocket is set in our shop to the maximum legal depth. This will allow you to feel the difference right out of the box. You will be able to catch and throw the ball and be comfortable with your stick right away. The preformed pocket will continue to break in as you play and you will eventually have to make an adjustment to keep it legal.

Your CoolStick 4L has a Patented pocket locking system that enables you to adjust your pocket in about 15 seconds. To adjust the pocket, follow the below steps (video below as well):

  1. Put your finger into one of the two white looped strings attached to your center leathers (the two center leathers will have the biggest impact in making the ball legal).
  2. Pull on the two white center leather strings until the leathers move toward the ball stop moving the ball up in the pocket.
  3. Pull the strings attached to the center leathers until the ball is just above the sidewall of the head. The ball needs to rest in the pocket just above the sidewall of the head.
  4. Once the ball is above the sidewall turn the head over and pull on the center leathers closing the loop you created by pulling the two white strings.
  5. Make sure the two leathers are pulled evenly so they are approximately on the same parallel. You do not want one leather pulled tighter then the other.
  6. The ball should sit flat, cradled by the outside leathers.
  7. Synch the two middle leathers at the base of the ball stop to close the loop you created when you pulled the
    white strings. Synching the leathers locks the leathers in place.
  8. The two outside leathers can now be adjusted in the same manner. Put the ball in the head and pull the outside
    leathers until they slightly hug the ball then synch these leathers like you did the center leathers.

Check out the video tutorial on how to reset your 4L pocket here

Check out the video tutorial on how to reset your hybrid mesh pocket here.  

See legal ball in pocket, below:

Your CoolStick should now be back to legal!

One note about leathers: We find leathers to be the best choice for pockets because they are thicker then strings and provide a good bumper to keep the ball centered in the pocket. They break in so well and provide the best feel, accuracy and overall performance. 

Thanks again for purchasing a CoolStick!