Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolStick?
  • CoolStick is a manufacturer of lacrosse equipment. Started in 2008 as a custom stick stringer and retailer of lacrosse equipment. In 2016 we designed and developed our first lacrosse head (the XPRO) and stick for girls.

I have a daughter who is just starting out, what do I need?
  • Your daughter will need a stick, goggles and a mouth guard. The mouth guard can be any color except white. Check out our starter pack to get everything you need at a discounted rate! 

We are new to lacrosse and don't know anything, what do we need to know?
  • Boys and Girls play with different rules and equipment. The boy’s game is like football and hockey rolled into one with contact, hitting, checking, fast movement, and lots of scoring. The girl’s game is like basketball with minimal contact but lots of ball and body movement. Both are exciting, fast moving and high scoring.

What should I look for when buying a girl’s lacrosse stick?
  • A great pocket! Most beginner sticks are flat, hard, and difficult to pass and catch with. They are inexpensive but will put your daughter at a disadvantage to learning the game. If you want to give your daughter the best chance at success get a stick with a really good pocket. If you are unsure your daughter will continue in lacrosse and don't want to spend the money for a good stick, borrow or rent a stick. Borrowed sticks are generally broken in and will give your daughter a better chance at success. Once she is hooked on lacrosse, invest in a good stick to give her the best shot at success!

What is a modified pocket?
  • These pockets are much deeper and geared to 6th grade and under to make it easy to learn stick skills; which is the key to success. The modified pocket will help build stick skills, confidence and help your daughter excel at lacrosse. After 6th grade you have to move to a regulation pocket.

Is the CoolStick 4L and hybrid mesh pocket certified?
  • YES! Both the CoolStick 4L pocket and the hybrid mesh pocket have been certified by the USL lab and meet all requirements for play on every level!

Is there a difference between a girl’s stick and a boy’s stick? What is the difference?
  • Yes! Boys play with a much deeper pocket then girls. In a boys stick the ball has to be just above the bottom rim of the head; the girls has to be just above the top rim of the head. Girls Sticks can be 36" – 43.25" while boys can be 36" – 60."

Can my son play with my daughters stick?
  • Technically yes, but why put yourself at such a disadvantage? AND, embarrass the lad because everyone on the team will be unmerciful to him!!! Your daughter cannot play with your sons stick though.

Do girls need helmets?
  • NO! There are some states that have mandated head protection for girls but more widely it is only goggles that are needed to protect the eyes. Check with your coach concerning your states regulations to be sure.