What customers are saying about CoolStick:

  • Erik Dempsey, Girls High School Varsity Head Coach and Club Vice President: I wanted to write you and let you know how much I love the Cool Stick with the new Mesh stringing and pre-built pocket.  I bought it for the 2018 season to show my team what the new stringing looks like and within minutes of trying it out I knew I was never going back.  First off, we have purchased several Cool Stick lacrosse sticks in the last couple of years and have always been impressed.  The 4L pocket is amazing and, in my opinion, the easiest pocket to adjust and the leathers absolutely make a difference in the catching and accuracy of passing/shooting.  The online store was easy to use and we always got very quick answers to our questions.  I consider Cool Stick to be a great resource for our team which is why I always recommend them to our new players or players that are ready for a new stick.  It is because of our experience with Cool Stick that I was excited to try out the new stringing and like I said I love it.  There is still the pre-built pocket, it is still very easy to adjust the pocket with the XPRO Head, and top that all off with the ability to customize the string and mesh colors to make it my own.
  • Katie Fegan, Oak Park River Forest HS Women's JV Head Coach: Bob, thanks for the stick! I brought my stick to practice and players instantly started commenting on the look of the stick. The custom stringing and new Cool Stick composite shaft was a hit with both my players and my fellow coaches. One of my players asked to use the stick for the duration of practice. She loved the lightness of the shaft, and they way the pocket handled shooting, catching and throwing. Thank you for giving my players the advantage.
  • Adam Washington, Naperville Central HS Women's Head Coach: All of the girls in my program want a Cool Stick. They love the way it looks and can't get over how much better they are at catching and throwing. The pocket comes broken in and it's very easy to adjust.
  • Kaitlin Sheridan, Lakeshore Lacrosse: I have tested out multiple CoolSticks, from the more traditional women's pocket to the newly regulated hybrid mesh pocket. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of the mesh pocket, having never used it before in a women's lacrosse game. However, after a short test run passing with Bob, I immediately loved it! Bob created a perfect hybrid pocket that maintains the feel of a traditional women's pocket, but adds a strong hold down the mesh track and added whip for a faster shot. Having a stick that elevates your game is extremely important and that's exactly what Coolstick does!
  • Nicki Steward, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach at Asbury University: Growing up on the east coast, I’ve always had the flexibility of driving to the nearest lax world or sportsherway to try out sticks so I was super hesitant to get order a stick for myself that I’d never tried out before- from a brand I wasn’t familiar with. Debeer was always the go-to brand and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with CoolStick. Breaking it in wasn’t something I needed to do. Felt like I’d had it for years! Catch-ability, and accuracy right off the bat. My players have loved CoolStick. I’ve had several switch brands just from TRYING the stick. Being able to customize sticks is super innovative- nothing else like it! I think with more people playing in the Midwest, Bob has quite the market. Great product! Customer service wise sticks are quickly shipped and custom jobs are phenomenal.  5/5 stars from me!
  • Hannah Laverty, player:The CoolStick XPro head is my first choice. The design allows passes and shots to be extremely accurate, and the nice scoop allows ground balls to be picked up with ease. It is lightweight, but durable enough to where I use it on draws. The CoolStick 4 leather pocket is the softest pocket that I have ever played with. Catching passes is a lot easier because the 4L pocket gives with the ball. Also, the pocket is awesome because it stretches out to give a deep pocket to secure the ball, but it is still legal. Because the pocket gives so much depth, you have to adjust it from time to time, but this is made easier with the CoolStick pocket lock system. The 4 leathers have a high pocket which makes shots and passes faster and more precise. The XPro is my go to.
  • Kathleen Berkery, University of Richmond: CoolStick is great for kids just starting out learning how to play the game, all the way up to high schoolers!  The pre-made pocket allows for the ball to stay in the “sweet spot” which leads to more control while running down the field cradling. This leads to a better release for more accurate aim and power.  The minute I picked up the stick I loved it- it was so easy to get used to the stringing and the give of the pocket.  The shaft also led to greater comfort, and has the perfect grip to switch hands easily.  The stick/stringing is great for all positions- I am an attacker and I love the way the ball is released from the pocket to feed and shoot.  Additionally, the head is great to pick up ground balls from all angles.  10/10 would recommend!!

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