Our Exclusive BallsEye Pocket

The search for the perfect pocket has been ongoing in lacrosse for years.  Everyone wants the ball to sit in the top of the pocket for better control, quicker shots and more accuracy. CoolStick has developed a pocket that does all that! 

The Balls Eye pocket allows the ball to sit in the sweet spot of the stick. The ball sits just under the lower shooter. The 7D, with an extra diamond, and new softer mesh allows the BallsEye to have superior catching ability, exceptional control, hold and accuracy. There is no ball rattle or drift as it travels between the leathers.

We continue to make little tweeks in this pocket to improve its performance and make it easier to adjust.

We have put the BallsEye into many of the newer heads in the market, along with the established industry names. The BallsEye sits in all the heads very well and performance is exceptional. One of the manufacturers we worked with said the pocket was soooooooooo good it was criminal. We agree, and so do the players who have played with BallsEye!

All our pockets are exceptional for feel, hold, accuracy and great right out of the box! Every stick is made with a custom pre-formed pocket to maximum legal depth and a feel like the old broken in stick that you love. When you add your own distinctive touch in the colors of your choice, it becomes a part of you.

Good head design is essential but the pocket makes the stick!

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