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Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 star review!!!
I had an amazing experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review!I am glad you had a great experience!!!Thank you for your purchase!
I am a college athlete and I play at a D3 school down south and will ONLY let Coolstick string my goalie sticks. He is very personable and listens and executes how I would like the head strung. After a full season of lacrosse I feel confident in writing a thorough review.I got the big diamond mesh on my main stick and small diamond mesh on my backup stick. Mid season my main stick ended up breaking and I had to switch to my back up stick. I quickly fell in love with the small diamond mesh as I felt like I had more control over the ball as well as the shots absorbing more into the stick. This led to a decrease in the ball popping out which is crucial in the goal. I plan to send my NEW head back to Coolsticks and get small diamond mesh!!
Response from the owner: THANKS GRACE!!!BOB@COOLSTICK
Right from the beginning I had an amazing experience, helped my sister and her friend pick good colors for their sticks and strung them very nicely along with getting me some stringing for my own stick and showing me how I could string it myself. Had an amazing experience and will definitely be going back for any other lacrosse needs!
Response from the owner: Thanks Jesse!Look forward to seeing you again!Bob@CoolStick Lacrosse
The stick is 2.5” at the 1.5 and 3” mark on the stick. A lacrosse ball as you know is 2.4-2.5” which is why she was having issue.When I contacted CoolSticks the President replied right away and said you pinched the stick I won’t cover anything because you altered it. Basically right away accused me of something we didn’t do as you can see in the pictures. This was a $235 stick which honestly we got because the sample stick she tried was pretty nice but we ordered this one with her team colors in orange for her.I must say I’m disappointed in how CoolStick handled this
Response from the owner: Sorry to hear you’re disappointed in your purchase from April 2022. Wanted to clarify that the XPro head has passed USL lab certification and appears on the list of approved heads. This head looks like it has been pinched/altered based on the two pictures posted, which would make it illegal. The head was not shipped in this condition. In the boys game, pinching heads has been practiced to enhance control. Pinching heads is not allowed in either boys or girls' games.
Decided last minute I want to restring my stick, found coach Regan at cool stick lacrosse! Very quickly, he had my stick restrung and ready to go and the next day already saw what improvements good stringing can do. Already recommended him to a few people within the three days I’ve gone to him!
Response from the owner: Thanks Abby! Glad to hear you’re loving your newly strung head!
What can I say? The whole experience trying to figure out what kind of lacrosse stick would be best for my daughter was like opening Pandora’s box. Came to Coolstick and he knew what to ask, explained all the different options, gave my daughter Lots of advice to help her be successful, she was over the moon happy!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Maria!We try to make it all about the player!!! We let them try different stick options for the best feel, function and performance to help with confidence and stick skills.Having a good stick is important and will make a huge difference in the process!Thank you for your purchase and glad we helped!!!BOB@CoolStick
Response from the owner: Thanks Natalie for the review!!!Bob@CoolStick
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Awesome family business!
Response from the owner: Thank you Brian!
Great selection and really good pockets! Totally fun experience building your stick. Plays great!
Response from the owner: Thanks Ann.......we try harder 😉
We had purchased my daughters lacrosse stick from CoolStick at a tournament we were at over a year ago. She loves her stick and really improved her stick work with using this stick. At the end of this season her top string was worn and eventually wore through...I called them and Bob told me to bring it by. He restrung the top string at no charge and in no time at all. He is a great guy to deal with and is extremely knowledgeable about the sport as well as the products he sells! Would recommend them to anyone who is in need of an excellent stick!
Response from the owner: THANK YOU Carrie!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the five-star review. We greatly appreciate your support.Have a great season!!!
My daughter had questions about what stick would be right for her and Bob guided us through with no pressure on the different options and made suggestions on sticks that he thought would be a good fit for her. My daughter played in several tournaments after purchasing this stick and she says its like magic. She says she can do anything with this new mesh stick that Bob suited her up with. Her game has improved so much with this stick. Not to mention its a cool Red White and Blue stars and striped stick that is fun to look at. She absolutely loves this stick. Thanks Bob for your great customer service and patience and diligence to make sure she had the right stick for her. These were the most knowledgeable people I've met in a long time that KNOW their sport. Thanks Bob and CoolSticks!!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback Lisa, we hope she continues to play great with her new CoolStick!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the five-star review. We really appreciate your support.

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