Recommended it to the ladies I play with!

Since the change in women’s lacrosse allowing us to be able to rock the mesh I was interesting in testing it (...)

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Marissa deValle
Kayla Hall likes the XPro Ballseye
Kayla Hall likes the XPro Ballseye

I really appreciate all the support that you continue to give by coming to Arrowhead year after year with your (...)

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Tom Truttschel – Former Arrowhead HS Heartland, WI Head Coach
My Daughter LOVES them!

My daughter has two of your sticks. She loves them. We had a problem with one stick and it was replaced and we (...)

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Tina Dietrich – Mom
Jessica Turner – U of Detroit Defender
I love the COOLSTICK stringing and don’t use any other brands.   
Ella Campbell Illinois Wesleyan Player
They look awesome!
Love my new pocket so much!

I've had my Cool Stick for about a year and absolutely love it! I've gotten countless compliments on my lime (...)

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Christie Hillsman – Former Fenwick HS Midfielder
Absolutely Love it!!!!!
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Caroline Gully – Former N. Central College Midfielder
I'm the most impressed with is the consistency of the stick's release
I recommend the Coolstick to anyone!
Lacrosse Player
I love the Cool Stick

It is because of our experience with Cool Stick that I was excited to try out the new stringing and like I said I love it.

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Erik Dempsey
Girls High School Varsity Head Coach and Club Vice President
Thanks Bob!
Katie Fegan – ST Ignatius Coach
Former Oak Park River Forest HS Women's JV Head Coach
They love the way it looks!

All of the girls in my program want a Cool Stick. They love the way it looks and can't get over how much (...)

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Adam Washington
Naperville Central HS Women's Head Coach
Elevates Your Game

Having a stick that elevates your game is extremely important and that's exactly what Coolstick does!

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Kaitlin Sheridan
Lakeshore Lacrosse
My players have loved CoolStick

Breaking it in wasn’t something I needed to do. Felt like I’d had it for years! Catch-ability, and accuracy right off the bat.

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Nicki Steward
Head Women's Lacrosse Coach at Asbury University
The XPro is my go to

The CoolStick XPro head is my first choice. The design allows passes and shots to be extremely accurate, and (...)

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Hannah Laverty
Lacrosse Player
The minute I picked up the stick I loved it

The minute I picked up the stick I loved it- it was so easy to get used to the stringing and the give of the pocket.

Kathleen Berkery
University of Richmond

Check out Laxtractive’s review of our CoolStick!

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