I'm the most impressed with is the consistency of the stick's release

I’ve been playing with the great stick you gave me during NCC’s preseason practices. I figured I would need to shoot around and break in this stick before I emailed you with my opinion of the stick, but like you said, the way the stick is strung makes it so that its pretty much broken in the first time you pick it up. The thing that I’m the most impressed with is the consistency of the stick’s release when I’m passing or shooting. You know how sometimes the ball just comes out of a stick the wrong way, or the ball sticks in the corner? That never happens with this stick. It lets off an accurate, crisp pass every time.

When i first started playing around with this new stick, I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to get my favorite side arm shot off (I think that I was just used to playing with the NV3/Amonte head which has that angle at the top) but I easily got the hang of it after some quick adjustments, and I even think that I’m able to get a more accurate shot off with the head you strung. The ball really sits in that part of the pocket under the shooting V until I flick my wrist at the end, unlike my NV3 head where it rolls out of the top and then hits plastic. I think that the twisting technique you did in the middle really allows for a better give. The only thing I’ve really had trouble with is adjusting when I decide to switch from one stick to the other during practices.

I’ve also had beginners use the stick, and they said that they felt like they had more control over where the ball was going with the stick you gave me. The one thing that the beginners said they felt uncomfortable with was the length of the stick. These girls were a little on the short side, but they said they still felt like the ball was too far above their heads and that they were unable to bring it down without sliding their bottom hand higher on the stick, exposing the butt end to possible stick checks. Is the shaft on this stick longer than average?

I’m sorry if my descriptions don’t really make sense! This stuff is harder to describe than I thought it would be! Thank you so much for this great stick! Since I’m new on the team at NCC it was nice to come back from break with a stick that matched all the veterans! I really hope my feedback helps. Thanks so much again.