They look awesome!

My first time I ever saw a Coolstick was when I was a junior in High School. My initial reaction was that they looked awesome. I was surprised that lacrosse sticks could come in so many different color designs. My first Coolstick I owned was a composite Coolstick shaft- black and blue. It had an NV3 all black head with black and blue leathers. Prior to owning this stick, I had a basic STX stick and head. As soon as I used the Coolstick I knew that I would never go back to my STX stick. You can immediately feel a difference when you use the stick compared to the basic STX stick I had previously. My throws were more accurate and my catching was a lot smoother than before. I enjoyed the stick so much that I don’t think I could ever go back to using any other stringing. The railroad tracks and other plastic run ways don’t form to the ball and give it the (legal) pocket that Bob’s stringing with the leathers does. My initial reaction was that I was catching and throwing a lot better than before. I wanted to see if it was just me or if it had anything to do with the stringing, so I had some of my friends try it out. They all noticed a difference with their catching and throwing as well. Many of my friends, who have tried my stick, have loved it so much that they went out and purchased their own Coolstick. I now have Bob’s custom head, that he created, along with a composite shaft. It’s all black and it’s my favorite stick I have ever owned. I can honestly say that the stick has helped me become the lacrosse player that I am today. With the leathers, they can tend to loosen when playing in the rain or snow, but with Bob’s stringing it is easy to tighten (or loosen in certain cases) the strings. This is one of the positives that I really enjoy about his stringing is that the way he has the bottom of the strings you can easily adjust your strings instead of doing it the old way of untying your strings and knotting them and retying them. With Bob’s stringing I can turn my illegal stick legal within a few seconds.