I love the COOLSTICK stringing and don’t use any other brands.   
I am Jessica Turner, I have been playing lacrosse for twelve years but have used a COOLSTICK for the last four years because of their reliability and quality.

When first trying a stick strung by Bob Regan, I thought it’d be like any other stick I have broken in before—stiff and hard; however, I was completely wrong, a COOLSTICK is strung in such a way the pocket is already created and ready to go. I love the feel of the ball in the stick because it just sits in there and doesn’t move. The stick gives to the ball and holds it nicely when cradling. Also when I release, the ball rolls out smoothly and I can place my shots accurately. I play midfield and the COOLSTICK is great for both offense and defense—I can knock down balls and throw long balls along with taking quick and accurate shots. A major plus about the stick for me is the strong head. I like this factory for when taking draws because I can push and not have the head bend or the pocket shift. Overall, I love the COOLSTICK stringing and don’t use any other brands.

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