Top 5 things to look for when buying a women’s Lacrosse Stick

1 – Don’t be fooled by sizzle: Don’t be fooled by someone telling you that certain sticks are for certain positions. There are NOT different sticks for defense and attack. Women’s sticks can be used anywhere on the field, with the exception of a goalie stick. Find what makes you comfortable and feels good in your hands.

2 – Shaft: Picking your shaft is mainly about comfort. We highly recommend composite shafts as these won’t be as affected by the cold weather and are a little lighter than an aluminum shaft. Aluminum shafts take in the cold temperatures and are a bit heavier, but are less expensive.

3 – Choosing a quality head: We recommend a firmer head with little flex, and a nice curve at the top, as this is key to scooping the ball off the ground. The important thing is to buy quality and something with a warranty. Weight of the head is another factor that is all about what YOU as the player feel most comfortable with.

4 – The Pocket: The stringing of the pocket is by far one of the most important aspects of a women’s lacrosse stick. Making sure the ball does not rattle around, hold, is key to making sure you don’t lose it while running. You’ll want a pocket that allows the ball to roll straight down the head when throwing to provide accuracy. Instead of picking a head that feels like you’re playing with a tennis racket. Feel the mesh, is it hard and stiff, this will effect your ability to catch and hold the ball in your stick, You’ll want a broken-in feel like our BallsEye or Hybrid Mesh pockets that you can play with right out of the box.

5 – Try It Before You Buy It!! Without question, you are the number 1 thing to think about when purchasing a women’s lacrosse stick! Finding a stick that works well in your hands and that you feel good throwing with, is going to be the biggest thing in improving your game. So try the stick before buying it. Someone on your team probably has a stick you can try, or you can check out a local shop that would let you try it out. Making sure you are comfortable with a new stick before purchasing is most important.

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